Fresh Meadows Poets 2013
Poetry Contests for Teenagers in the Borough of

General Guidelines

Any teenager living in Queens is eligible.
Send all contest submissions by e-mail to
with either "
Teen Contest" or "QTPL Contest" in the subject line,
depending on which contest you are entering.
Include your name, address, telephone number,
school name, and English teacher's name, followed by
your poetry within the body of the e-mail (no attachments).
The poetry must be suitable for a general audience,
with a strict line length of 50 characters,
but there are no other restrictions as to content or style.
By entering the contest, you give the Fresh Meadows Poets permission
to publish your poem as well as your name and school.
Submissions will be judged by a panel of Fresh Meadows Poets.
November 1, 2013.

Poetry Contest for Teenagers
Submit one original poem following the guidelines above.
First Prize $150
Second Prize $100
Third Prize $75

Queens Teen Poet Laureate
Submit five original poems following the guidelines above.
The winner will be awarded a  certificate conveying the title of
Queens Teen Poet Laureate  
and will be considered for  publication by the Fresh Meadows Poets.
Poems by other contestants may also be featured.

Previous Winners

2012 (No contest held)

Queens Teen Poet Laureate: May Treuhaft-Ali

Poetry Contest for Teenagers
1st Prize: Mahnoor Mirza
2nd Prize: Jennifer Gersten
3rd Prize: Adrienne Carmen Lee


Queens Teen Poet Laureate: Yena Sharma Purmasir

Poetry Contest for Teenagers:
1st Prize, Nadera Rahman
2nd Prize, Jennifer Gersten
3rd prize, David Israeli